Missing "back to article list" button in the in-app browser on ipad mini.

In newsblur app. (version 4.0.1) the button for “back to article list” from the top left corner is missing in the in-app browser. The device is an ipad mini with ios 7.1.


Just swipe to go back.

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On some web page it’s does not work. For example hvg.hu. An example page: http://tablet.hvg.hu/vilag/20140320_H…

Another reason to include a back button is that sometimes it takes a whole lot of swipes to go back. For instance, if the focus of the page is far to the right (of the left edge of the page), it takes lots of swipes just to get back to the left edge of the web page, and only then will the last swipe take you back out of the browser.

Check out the “If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel” entry here , and swipe over to Mercury. It takes a long time to swipe there, but worse, there’s no way to get out of the browser without taking just as long to swipe back.


I agree, you can swipe to go back (took me a while to work that out), but it isn’t always 100% successful, and with left-right scrolling webpages, isn’t necessarily the easiest move (see 10,000 word essays).

Yeah, I fully intend to build a close button. But the problem is that I can’t immediately do both the swipe and the close button. So I chose the swipe, but I’m working on a close button that works well. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s the only way I was able to get the full page swipe.

Glad to hear it’s already planned. For now, the swipe works 95% of the time (for me) and is easier and more natural than a close button.

In fact I now swipe-to-close in all other apps with web browsers, and if they don’t yet support it (like my twitter apps, Zite, and Instapaper) it drives me crazy that I have to go search for wherever the close button is. So I’m personally very happy with your choice to implement the swipe first (for whatever that’s worth).

Is there any solution to the sites that do not work? One of my most readed rss is not work and I have to use safari or kill the app every time when I would like to go back to the article list.