Missing and out of order entries in some comics feeds

This feed:
is getting items from its rss entry out of order. I went and looked at the xml files. I also noticed that sometimes it never shows me certain entries as new and I have to go digging through the feed’s list directly to find them. It’s actually happening with several of my feeds right now.

This feed:
is also having issues. Schlock is one of the most consistently updating strips on the web and should have an entry for every day. It’s missing some stuff between the 14th and 17th though, and some of the earlier stuff is out of order. I think this one is related to the first problem.

This feed:
Says that it’s updated today, but the last record on it is 1/10. I looked at the RSS, and it has entries up to 1/18. This feed seems to update all in one block, and I end up having to read 2-3 weeks at a time. This may be a different problem though as it hasn’t been getting them out of order, just not updating for long periods of time.


No sure what to do about these feeds. I checked them all and they all have correct guids and ids. Not only that, they even look like they work. I get the sense that sometimes more than 1 story gets published a day, but looking through the feed, this looks like what the publisher is doing.

Beyond that, I didn’t see any logged errors on these feeds, and they all seem to be updating quite regularly. They quack like working feeds.

Schlock Mercenary does post more than once per day, but one will usually be a news post. PvP just updated recently, so all of its posts are in, and the others have been working mostly this week. I’ll keep watching it and see if I can catch it doing that again.

actually, still some weirdness on the schlock feed. There’s a post showing as being from the 26th, even though it should have been published on the 27th. (dated on the 28th, the comics go up the night before.) Everything’s still out of order too. Also, I completely missed the 27th and 28th comics, they never showed as unread.

Good news! Having fixed the underlying issue found in this ticket - https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/… - the issues in these feeds should be resolved, from here on out. Keep me updated if this breaks.

It seems that Schlock and RealLife are still acting up, still getting out of order and missing entries.

PVP Online does seem to still be fixed though, Hurrah! :slight_smile:

Im getting similar issues.

The basic feed I cant even access. Ive tried readding it too, to no avail

The following feeds (and probably more, these are the ones i’ve found by careful comparison) are broken like this for me:

This is out of order/inconsistent (Good example as the dates are different in title/date field).

tested has had ~70 articles in the past two weeks (as read by google reader)
It currently reads as having just a single entry?

In the last week I’ve had similar issues as outlined in the OP in some of my youtube api rss feeds, http://newsblur.com/site/2221769/scot… for example where some items didn’t show up, older and newer showed up but some where missing only to appear a few days later.

Yes, the tested.com feed seem to do that in most readers that aren’t Google Reader.

Since it works on Reader the issue should be possible to solve from Newsblur’s side so go upvote this issue https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

The real issue is on Tested’s side though so go post in the bug reporting thread on the forum, I’ve done so myself and I know at least one more has as well, at some point they have to fix their bugged feed right?

Today’s (2013-06-07) wumo.com is not showing up even with insta-fetch, but it is available normally on Google Reader.

Yesterday’s wumo.com shows up dated 2013-06-02, not 06-06.



I’ll link my topic here because of similar issues encountered.


For some reason, it’s mostly comics that misbehave.

I’m seeing that issue too!