Misaligned stories column in Full View when opening/closing browser's sidebar

Newsblur misaligns the Full view story column when opening and closing the browser’s sidebar (tested in Firefox and Edge).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Newblur.com (problem occurs in at least Firefox and Edge, not tried other browsers).
  2. Log in or click Try out Newsblur.
  3. Click All Side Stories.
  4. Click Full [view].
  5. Open your browser sidebar (Ctrl-H in Firefox, Ctrl-H then click Pin icon in Edge).

Newblur.com reflows but misaligns. When opening a browser sidebar the stories column “underlaps” the Newsblur sidebar. When closing the browser sidebar there is whitespace between the Newsblur sidebar and the stories column.

I’ve uploaded screenshots of this problem to the following album:


The problem also occurs if you leave a Firefox sidebar permanently open, sometimes you switch back to the Newsblur tab and the misalignment has occured in the background. I’m not sure what triggers that, but it happens a lot.

The size of the misalignment seems to be directly related to the width of the browser sidebar.


What happens if you slightly resize the browser window after the sidebar is closed? Does everything pop right back into place correctly?

Yeah in both Firefox and Edge making any slight window resize causes the column to move to the correct place.