[minor] Redirect on logout goes https→http; should stay https?

When you log out while reading https://newsblur.com/folder/everything, you’re redirected to the http site.  Doesn’t it make sense that the redirect should preserve https?  I’ve looked at some of the other http/https issues here but don’t think they relate or explain why http would be the right thing in this instance…

The context is that I bookmarked https://newsblur.com/folder/everything — which leads you to the interesting but initially surprising “homepage” account when you land on it without having logged in.  The only way to log in from there appears to be by logging out from the homepage account (Is that true?  I’m a new subscriber, so still learning the interface…).

Is there a URL I could bookmark which will take me to https://newsblur.com/folder/everything if I’m logged in, or a login page which will redirect there if not?

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