Message Count Not Updating to Zero

This is my biggest issue with NewsBlur which has persisted for years.  That it is so minor that I’ve not bothered complaining about it bespeaks how relatively minor it is and how happy I am with NewsBlur.  But clearly a bug it is and I would love to see it fixed.

Frequently (not every time, but at least a couple times a day), when I finish reading a feed in the iPhone app and hit the Done button to return to the Feeds View, the unread count in that view updates not to 0 (i.e., blank and eventual disappearance from the Feeds View in Unread-Feeds-Only-Mode), but to 1 (or more rarely 2).  Going back into the feed shows no unread items.  Going back out into the Feeds View still shows 1 (or more) unread items.

This only gets corrected when force updating all feeds, when all feeds are updated automatically, or when I click “Mark All Read” in the individual feed’s view.

This does not appear to be a feed-specific issue but can happen with apparently any feed.

Now this isn’t a huge deal, but it gives me several seconds of frustration several times every single day when I see that there are unread stories in a favorite feed and have forgotten that I read them all (or assume that a new item has arrived) and I click on the feed only to be informed that there are no items in it.

So could you please fix this?  Even if there is, e.g., some race condition that prevents recording the correct number of unread items (i.e., 0), even just forcing the recorded number to zero in the app when you hit the ‘Done’ button and only updating to the correct number next time the feeds are refreshed would fix most of the problem.

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