Memory leak

Newblur seems to have a pretty bad memory leak. After a while it uses about a GB of memory, and then it hits some memory limit and fails horribly. This is reproducible for me just by switching back and forth between two different feeds.

Based on some heap snapshots (…) it looks like the issue is that render:intelligence grows without bound and holds on to a bunch of stuff - for example a bunch of HTML elements are in ctx.el.


I’ve been noticing this for quite a while now. If I switch to the Green view, I will have to close and reopen the NB tab after a time because my system slows down to a crawl.

I have the exact same issue. I didn’t try to look closer, but it looks like it retains the contents of the opened/retrieved articles in memory.

I’ve just noticed this as well. It causes my entire computer to go super slow. Very annoying!

Hey, please don’t post the same thing in multiple threads.

As for the issue, in one of the memory leak threads you didn’t post into, I declared it resolved. It’s possible it’s sprung up again, but when I recently went to measure it the leaks were gone. It’s highly likely that your tab has been open for quite a while and you loaded dozens, if not hundreds, of sites, which each have their own Flash movies and images.

Give me some context as to what’s happening. How long was the tab open? How many sites did you load?

Sorry. Yes, I saw that thread, but it was from over a year ago. The tab was open for a couple of hours. Not sure how many sites. Maybe 200 - 300. I’ve used other readers in the past and never had to reload the page after some time. If that’s what I have to do though, then fine.

Probably not relevant, but a recent dev build of Chrome had a very serious memory management bug when pages were kept open for even short amounts of time. On any JS-heavy site, it would eat >1GB very fast. If you’re using the dev builds, make sure you update regularly.