Medium feeds don't work

I tried adding feeds to NewsBlur, according to their docs, e.g. NewsBlur says that there is no RSS feed there. I tried http instead, same issue.

When I curl the URL, it returns fine. Given Medium is a pretty big blogging platform nowadays, it would be good if those feeds would work with NewsBlur.


Yeah, something’s up. Here’s my Medium feed and it’s been 403 blocked by Medium since the 13th:

I’ve emailed them and will report back.

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Hi Samuel,

Thanks for writing in, and we apologize for this experience.

This is a known issue, and our engineers are working on it right now. As soon as they resolve it, all systems will return to normal. We ask that you bear with us.

User Services

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Still broken for me, any updates from medium?

None yet and I’m still seeing the same thing. I’ll ping them again.

Good news, this is now fixed. They emailed me today to let me know and it looks like it’s been working for a week now.