Material UI for Android

Would be great to have NB Android app UI materialized (without losing the fluid UX and not to consume more UI space than currently). Yes I know, not a major priority. But would be a great polish for a great app! :slight_smile: //timo

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I believe the primary goal for the Android app is to be consistent with all the other ways of using NewsBlur, not necesarily to look like other Android apps.  (Sam can correct me if I misunderstand that)

Is there some particular part of the UI that you find difficult/confusing because it doesn’t lean towards the platform style?

Well, I’m all for the Android app being materialized, so long as it’s using the color scheme of the rest of NewsBlur. That said, isn’t it already kind of Androidy already? The iOS app is different enough and uses many ios-isms. 

To be honest the latest UI changes in HEAD probably make it less Androidy.

Mine are quite minor: like coloring of the folder bars, the head. Mostly minor :slight_smile: