Mastodon or generic activity pub intergration

Not sure what the best implementation would be, but some degree of “share to Mastodon” or possibly “share to any Activity Pub implementation” would be nice.

Mastodon being the open source, federated Twitter replacement that has been taking off lately, and Activity Pub being the W3C standardized protocol that Mastodon and many others are using now.


The issue is that changing the URL of the share would require some dev time and I don’t have much time to spend on this versus other features. I’d love to build it (and if for some reason you want and have the ability to build it, I’d gladly take a pull request).


Well, I might take a crack at it. I’m certainly no “real” programmer yet, but I am trying to learn (and python is one of my primary targets).

I was just posting this idea–then saw that it had already been suggested. I get that it’d be quite an undertaking so this is not to push. I just would like to add a bit to the idea in case, some day, it becomes more possible.

It’s a response to the recurring argument people present that RSS is dying, since people moved to using social media sites (e.g. Facebook or Twitter and I’d argue that Facebook and Twitter should be taking ActivityPub more seriously). But anyway, it’s a chance for Newsblur to continue the RSS reader sort of model but also transform it into something that equally takes advantage of social media behaviour. Adopting ActivityPub and thus becoming part of the new and growing services that use it could accomplish that.

Mastodon gives the ability to add a feed of any user to Newsblur “https://[federated.instance]/@[userid].atom” supporting ActivityPub would extend this. Newsblur already has social media-esque features built in (e.g. user commenting on feed posts), so why not replace / extend those commenting features through ActivityPub, which would also enable all the other sites using it to connect with Newsblur users? I suppose that also would raise a number of interesting interface questions.