Mass Mark Unread

It would be nice if you could select more than one article from a feed to mark them as read or unread all at once.

While I think this would be useful in general, part of the reason I would like this is because I keep clicking the “Updated: X minutes ago” text thinking it will refresh the feed forgetting that it marks the entire feed as read (decidedly NOT what I am trying to do) so I need a way to unread everything quickly.

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I would love to have the ability to do this! In fact, what I would really like is the ability to mark as unread in the same way you can mass-mark as read. In the web interface, I can click the cog at the bottom of the UI and select “MARK EVERYTHING AS READ”, then select one day, three days, etc. I would like to have the option to change “READ” to “UNREAD”.

I find that often something will happen and I’ll leave the site and come back and can’t find a particular article and can’t remember what feed it was in. Or just now I managed to somehow mark everything as read (I was cleaning my keyboard, so not really anyone else’s fault :slight_smile: and would like to make the previous 24 hours’ posts unread again.

Similar features on the iOS apps would be nice, but I find even the mark as read functionality on those devices a little more cumbersome than on the site…