Marking top story in a folder as read

Often, when I’m using the web interface and I click on a folder, NewsBlur marks the first story as read even if I don’t click on it or scroll in the reading window. That is not the behavior when I click on a feed. I don’t want NB to mark the first story as read unless I interact with it somehow; I want it to behave in folders the same way it does when I’m reading a feed.

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Two possible preferences causing this:

  1. You have auto-select first story. Turn this off under Manage > Preferences > Stories.

  2. You’re moving the mouse cursor over the feed view. You can pin the mouse cursor indicator line by clicking on the little red arrow that follows your mouse.

Or it’s possible you have Text view select for the folder, which auto-selects the first story. Switch to feed view (at the bottom of the screen).

It’s the last one: Sometimes I have Text view selected for a folder or a feed. Sometimes that’s because the last time I read an article from that folder or feed, I wanted to read the text of whichever article I was looking at. But then when I come back to that folder or feed later, it will mark the top article as read immediately. I really wish that it didn’t automatically mark an article as read, even in Text view, unless I interact with the article somehow.

Ah-ha, use shift+enter. It’ll temporarily select the Text view, and then switch back to the Feed view when you move to the next story. Enter does the same thing but for the Story view.

And if you want a story to not become marked as read, you can set it to be either time based or action based under Preferences.