Marking Folder as Read with Updated Feeds

After clicking on a folder, the storeis appear. Say the number of stories is 100. By the time I’ve finished viewing the stories, the # on the folder is say 105. Those 5 new stories did not appear in my view. I use the hotkey “Shift A” to mark all as read. All 105 stories are marked even though I was only viewing 100. The work around I have now is to click the folder again to refresh the view & manually count the difference.

How about not marking unseen stories when using the hotkey?

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Great idea. It’s going to take some work to get it implemented, since I would have to perform a mark as read that only works up to a certain date. I have some ideas on how to get this done, but it’s not simple. Unfortunately, with all the other features I have to ship, this will have to get backlogged for a while.