Marking an item as Unread sometimes marks others in feed as read

I’ve had this happen twice in the last couple of days. Last on site 6101307, user Leonick, in case you have some form of logs.

I had 8 unread this morning, three from days back that I’ve left unread to get back to and 5 new ones.
I went through the new ones and ended up marking the last of them as unread to get back to later.

As I click a different item in the sidebar I see the counter for the feed go from 4 to 1.

In this case the ones I had kept were several days old, maybe a even a week, so no chance of finding them since I don’t really remember more than one of the titles. The last time it happened was easier as it was items from just a couple days ago on a youtube channel so only a few items to go through.
I neither case the items have been old enough to be beyond the 30 days or some other limit.

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Are you a premium archive subscriber and did you change the days of unread? If not, this is going to be hard to find and reproduce. If possible, please post a full screenshot so I can see what options you have setup and which feed it’s on, along with the address bar so I can easily lookup the feed in question and check what happened.

And if this continues to happen, I’ll switch you to a special debugging server and you’ll let me know when it happens so I can dive deep.

Regular premium, not the new archive subscriber.
I tried setting the manually mark every story as read setting, but I have switched back, and that setting shouldn’t work for me? Surprised it shows.

Here are settings

Full URL of the last feed where it happened is: NewsBlur
Not entirely certain on the feed where it happened the first time but I think it was NewsBlur

Happened on the website.

Will update if it happens again.

Ok, I just pushed out a fix. Let me know how that works!

Thanks Sam, I just came to the forum to ask about this exact issue.

I also saw the “mark stories as read after x days” bar in my settings even though I hadnt signed up to the Archive subscription.

I went back into the Preferences (on iOS but requested the desktop site) I can no longer change the value but it’s still set to 365 days. Would your fix still work for me?

Also, I assume there’s no way to get back the stories that were marked as read?

EDIT: I just logged in on a browser on a desktop and can still change the slider to change the days after stories are marked as read.