Marking all site stories as read now marks shared stories as read, too

So I don’t know if it was intentional, (like to solve… ), but it definitely didn’t used to behave this way: mark all as read for all site stories now also marks as read items in shared stories.

The division between these two types of stories is a bit awkward. If they were both displayed together, then fine, mark them all as read. But as they are separate, this change in behaviour is surprising.


I didn’t change anything, but it should only be marking your subscriptions as read and not unread shared stories.

Well, I don’t know what to say, it has changed for me…here’s a screencast showing the behaviour:

Anything else I can do to help debug?

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I found some shared stories marked as read, but I believe that is due to the background updating. I typically mark previous as read, but am sure news blur is adding earlier stories to the list AFTER I’ve marked that timescale as read. So, next time I mark previous as read, it marks the new ones as read also. So even though I haven’t seen them, they were there.

I even found this is happening in the Android app, v4.0.1. :frowning:

This is in the Android app

So this is still happening… really weird that no one else seems to be reporting it :frowning:

So what’s happening in that screencast is that the story that is shared is also a feed you subscribe to.

ok, that would explain it I suppose. thanks for the reply.

OK I had a look at this again today, and it definitely removed 4 links that were not in my feeds, I have not subscribed to those sites. One was this story from The Dish.