Mark single feed as read marked everything - or does it?

First off:I love newsblur

I opened my “bbc news - science and environment” feed, having just read the stories on the BBC’s own news app, and touched the mark as read icon at the top of the feed. Imagine my surprise when I was dumped back to the main newsblur screen with no stories and the pop up at the bottom telling me it was syncing 263 stories.

There was no “are you sure” dialogue. Newsblur marked all 263 stories read instead of just the 7 in the individual feed. I have noticed this before with some feeds but not others.

If I go into individual feeds then there are still bold stories. So the front screen thinks everything is read but the individual stories know better.

Android 4.4.4. Newsblur 4.0.2.


This is a new bug. We have a massive bug update coming out soon, which should alleviate this problem.