"Mark read on scroll" doesn't catch the last tiles in grid view

“Mark read on scroll” would be a convenient way to scroll through a folder’s bunch of (grid viewed) feeds, but: Having reached the end the last few tiles (1 - max. 4) are not registered. So after all one has to head for the tiny “mark as read”-button at the top (I’m a mouse pusher), which is unbearable - em, doesn’t fit with the idea of “mark read on scroll” (-:

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Yes, you’re right, it should extend like the other views. Will fix that today.

Tnx, I really appreciate your fantastic service. Nothing, neither feedly nor inoreader (to mention the best of your competitors) compares to Newsblur as your product gets better and better.

Ok, this was by no means a trivial change. There are three settings here to take into account:

 * Which view: original, feed, text, story
 * Which layout: full, split, list, grid
 * Mark read on scroll preference

Each of those has to be accounted for. I did the best I could, but let me know if anything is fishy about marking stories as read in any of these views, layouts, or the mark read on scroll preference.

Problem solved, i. e. I am satisfied: Which doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement (-;
What follows only refers to the grid view:

  • As I mentioned before elsewhere, clicking on a FOLDER happened to open the first story, which objects the grid view’s idea. But, as I noticed yesterday accidentally, this fortunately doesn’t happen if EVERY site (with new feeds in that folder) is in feed-view! If only one site’s new feed is in, say, text view, THAT story is opened! Weird. This clearly makes mixing the views site per site a no-go, but for me it’s not a problem, as I like to see only tiles and can live with the restriction of not being able to see the text view (instead of the feed view) directly when opening a story.

  • Clicking on “mark as read” after having scrolled through all the new feeds of a folder, the next folder automatically opens. Would be nice if this also happens when everything is marked as read by just having scrolled though the feeds.

Not sure I understand what’s happening here. What’s the bug? 

Sorry for having wasted your time, the bug’s in my head, misinterpreted the phenomenons. The real “problem” is this: One can change a FOLDER’s default view (despite of the fact the preferences only speak about the possibility of overriding on a per-SITE basis). So while in my case every sites view is “feed-view”, I opened a folder, changed that folder’s view from “feed” to “text”, and voilá, the next time I open that folder, the first story opens (in text view, sure). So in order to use the new grid-view flawlessly (i. e. just tiles, no opening of the first story), I can’t implement my idea “1. Look for unread feeds folder by folder, 2. Use the tiles for a quick “scroll-through”, 3. Open interesting stories directly in text view”.

You can set a folder to Grid layout and Text view and then each story uses the Text view. Folders do not use individual feed view and layout preferences/overrides.

Yep, had to learn about this the hard way. But why, in this scenario, there has to open the first story (and why not in Grid view + Feed view, can’t see the difference)? There is a preference “When opening a site: Show all stories” which (if possible without to much ado - as I said, I am content with how everything works now) could/should work for opening a folder, too. Otherwise, opening a folder which has been set to Grid layout and Text view, it doesn’t show only tiles, but senselessly opens the first story.