Mark previous as read?

I found a couple posts on this but they were related to the Android App. Is there a way in the webapp to mark posts previous to the current as read? Some of feeds can get quite large and I skim through the list to see which to read, often skipping several. At the same time, I dont always get through an entire list, making it difficult to keep my place when returning. This is probably the biggest thing keeping me on Feedly (which someone wrote a userscript to accomplish this idea). I really like the layout and options here but without this I can’t keep my sanity.


Ok, I’ve got some ideas brewing, but I need you to clarify something. What does previous mean exactly? Are you reading Newest first or Oldest first? And are the previous stories the ones that are older or newer. Are they up or down the story titles list. Are they the stories you skipped over or the stories so old/new (depending on your order setting) that you don’t even want to load them.

In my particular case, I use Oldest First almost exclusively, and read the list from top to bottom. I would imagine most people read top-to-bottom, whether its oldest or newest first. In the implementations I have used (Google Reader and now Feedly), it takes the currently selected item in the feed, and marks any items “above” that one read, regardless of which order it is sorted. I will grab some screenshots of how it currently works in both Google and Feedly and attach in moment in case it can assist with clarifying the request.

I dont have Feedly set up on this PC at the moment, but hte idea is the same. Clicking the Mark Previous button marks the 3 items above the open one, and does nothing to the 2 below

So you skipped stories and want to mark them as read. You are saying nothing about the stories you have yet to see.

The method describes my use case also; ignore the sort order, I skim through 30 articles, perhaps reading 2 or 3. I then select an article and click “mark previous as read” ( or more precisely “mark above as read” )

The 28 articles above that I just skipped past are then all marked as read, leaving the articles below the selected article unread.

If you want to see how this feature should work, install Newsrob on Android. You can scroll down the reading list, and then at any point long-press and click ‘Mark read until here’ and all stories above the selected one will be marked read.

“So you skipped stories and want to mark them as read. You are saying nothing about the stories you have yet to see.”

Not sure what you’re asking there by “stories yet to see”. Mark describes the usage perfectly. Anything “yet to see” would be below the point at which you have selected an article and clicked “mark above as read”.

Here is a capture from Feedly. You can see the unbolded/grey items are stories I opened/read already, the bold/black items are those that I skipped. The Logitech story is the currently selected story. From here, clicking “mark previous read” will mark all stories above it, to the top of the list, as read. Anything below it would be entirely unaffected, if that is what you are asking about. Also, never used Newsrob, but the official Google Reader android app had a similar function with long pressing a title and marking above as read.

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Any updates on this? I understand that the apps have “mark above as read”, however I use windows mobile 7.5

Any more thoughts on this? I’d like to mark all stories above the current story (aka previous stories) as read. both in all stores and folders. I’ve personally never found the days function useful.

What happens for me, is I’m often browsing a folder with many articles, sorted newest first. Sometimes at a good pace so not all of them manage to be marked as read. So as a way to clear the scrolling buffer and assure that the previous items are indeed marked as read…this mark previous as read function would be great. Particularly if I have to break away from feed reading for a bit. I don’t want to come back and re-scroll through all of the items that got missed.


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Even something like “mark all stories older than X hours read” would probably do the trick to make this work. Having the shortest time available set for 24 hours limits the how functional the feature really is. It’s fine for if you haven’t been on in a few days or a week, but it really prevents you from fine tuning and filtering out anything on a day to day basis.

This has been available for quite some time now. When you click the circle/arrow to the left of the article, theres two options in the submenu for mark older/newer as read.

That’s something that I never noticed, though it still isn’t something I think I would get a lot of use out of. Most of my reading is from the ‘All Folders’ location set to show all unread stories starting with the oldest. Everything before that story is already read and gone from the feed, and if I want to mark everything newer as read I might as well just use “mark all as read”. It still doesn’t give the fine control of an option marking older than 1, 2, 4, 8, (and so on) hours as read. It’s nice to know that feature is there but I don’t think it’s quite what I’m looking for.

EDIT: unless it allows you to set the time window for marking as read from there, then it would be perfect. I’m away from my desktop so I can’t investigate now but I’ll try it to see if that’s how it works.

On the web this exists. Just right-click the story title and you should see “mark previous/next stories as read”. Doesn’t exist on iOS yet, but it is available on android after a long pause.

I’m also just about to release a new grid view, possibly tomorrow. This view has a new feature to automatically mark as read all stories you’ve scrolled past.