"Mark previous as read" button directly between articles

I’d like to see “Mark previous as read” button directly in the list of articles (between articles), automatically after a certain number of articles. I miss this button in Android app, because current method of long-press click + second click is too slow. But I think it would be useful also on website.

I mean something like this:


Unwillingness to click the dot at the left of the story title to mark a story as read does not seemingly justify cluttering the listing with ‘functions’ …

I’m reading hundreds of sites and I want to read every 10-20th article in a list. It’s not possible to mark all previous articles as read with one simple click now or mark it automatically while scrolling. It’s too annoying to mark it again and again with current method.

In split mode, where the articles are expanded in another part (like on the right), it automatically marks it read, when you hover over it with the mouse, but you can also lock a horizontal line for this.

It’s solution for desktop, I miss simple and fast solution for Android app