Mark on click/tap

Some feeds are just a short text that basically only links to the article proper. When I click on the title of such an article, I am redirected to the website. This usually mean it I will have read it there. It would be great if NewsBlur could mark such an article as rea automatically. I think this affects both the website an the Android app.

I otherwise mark stories as rea, I do not like to have them marked as read on scoll.

If I am mistaken, this is not currently possible to set up.

We do have a mark read on tap feature, but it’s at the other end of the mark-as-read-immediately spectrum. In Preferences you can choose to mark stories as read only on tap/click instead of 0-10 seconds. I assume this is what you’re looking for? Anyway, stories should be marked as read when you click anywhere in the body of the story.

In browser, when I click anywhere in the story or when I open it in a new tab, it does not do anything. Can there be other setting for it?

On Android, the settings seem to be different.

Immediatelly means it gets marked as read when opened – but I would like it to get marked read only when I click on the link and open the articl in a new tab not automatically).