"Mark older as read" in feed, then in folder, results in marked-read items returning unread

I’ve read many of the other “marked items not staying unread” threads and believe that the issue I’m having is different. I apologize in advance if that’s not the case.

I have Folder A with Feeds X, Y, and Z, all updated multiple times per day. I have read much of Feed X – its oldest unread item is March 25th. Feeds Y and Z have items as old as March 5th still unread.

I click Folder A and start paging through stories. At March 15th, I use Ctrl-B to mark older as read. This works fine – all the items in the folder older than March 15th (which are only in Feeds Y and Z) are marked read.

But now I browse back to Feed X and all stories newer than March 15th but older than March 25th are marked unread again, even though I’d previously marked them read.

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