mark old stories read / mark everything read

the “mark old stories read” / “mark everything read” function does not work when i set it to “Mark all stories older than 7 days old as read.” i does not mark any stories as read and almost all my stories is younger then 7 days


How do you (theoretically) mark stories more than 7 days old as read? From what I can see, it is all or nothing. There is no option for “more than x days old” like on Google Reader.

For the record, I liked that feature, especially with deals sites, being able to mark everything older than one day as read.

no you have the option to select for 1 day to 7 days from you select mark everything as read and then you get
but you are right this options is on all feeds/sdites, it is not a option on folders or sites

Ah, I see! Yes, that option needs to be available at the folder and site level, not just at the top level.

yes, but this is not the problem i’m describing, its still a problem that the “mark everything read” function is not working