mark news read or unread through swype gesture *android app*

it’s very handy in feedly mobile app when you are able to mark news as read or unread through swype gesture, not additional funcion in top or bottom of the page… it’s more intuitive

for example if you want to make certain news marked as read, you simply make swype gesture into right side, if you want to make it unread again you move finger into left side etc.

could it be done in future releases?


Yes, this will eventually make its way into both iOS and Android. Swipe left to mark read, swipe right to save.

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I hope this would only be in a new list style view on mobile rather than taking over the current single-post view method of switching between posts with swipe.

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Do you mean from the list of headlines? If so then yes, absolutely. Being unable to mark individual feeds from the list is my biggest bugbear with newsblur . It is why I am still using Google reader, viewing as mobile version 10 headlines at a time and making each page read as I go. That is my preferred option if it were available.