Mark newer /older as read = ORDER CHANGED *#@%&@*

Why on earth have you changed the order of the menu?
In 4.0, Mark older as read came second. I’d got used to that. Here in the community we complained it was to easy to mark the wrong tow.
We asked for a confirmation dialogue. We asked that you only have the relevant option , so if we’d set the sort order as oldest first, the only option showing would be “mark older as read”, and similarly if the sort order was newest first, it would be “mark newer as read”. Utterly logical, and would save annoyance .

In 4.0.1, you have stupidly changed the menu so that the marking options are the opposite way round. How could you?
I’ve just erroneously marked over 200 stories as read.
You’ve nearly done for my blood pressure which is now boiling.

For goodness sake, please put the filter on so we only get the relevant “mark as read” option.

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Thanks for writing this up Jim. I hear you, but in an ideal world we would’ve gotten it right the first time. The way we have it now is much better than before. I’m going to get complaints either way, so why not set it up so that it’s the way everything else in NewsBlur works. If you check on the web, it’s the same way. iOS doesn’t have it yet, but when it does it’ll mimic this.

The top option goes up, the bottom option goes down, regardless of the ordering (oldest vs newest first). It’s so much easier!

Thanks for explaining. I’m getting used to it, though I still get caught out . Older to me means the stories with a time prior to the story I selected. Before, it didn’t matter because the read stories stayed on screen, but now i have to remember to select a story before the one I actually want to read.