Mark items as "Read" when scrolling by

Every morning I have about 2000-2500 new items. Throughout the day, I process these items and save the ones that are relevant to me to my Evernote account, (using IFTTT, works like a charm).

I cannot mark items as read using the 1 day, 7 day etc. slider, as all these items are less than one day old. I also don’t want to click each and every item, as this would be way too time consuming.

What I am looking for is a functionality similar to what Google Reader does, which is automatically marking items as read as you scroll by them.


You can do this now using the slider that comes up in the split panel view (on the site in “Split” view and in the normal site by default). On the right side of the divider between the site display and the feed display, there should be a small red triangle that moves with your mouse; as it moves past an item title, that item will be marked as read (works with scroll as well as mouse movement). The slider can also be locked to a specific location by clicking on it, and any scroll movement past it will mark the item as read. For your purposes, you could lock it at or near the bottom of the screen so that as you scroll, your items are marked as read. This is very similar to the way Google Reader can be set to mark as read when scrolling in expanded view.

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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the tip, I did not know that.

One more question: I only got this to work in the top half of the screen. Is there any way to position the red triangle in the bottom half of the screen so that it works when I am scrolling by the titles only (and not the titles with the few lines underneath)?


Far as I know, it only works in split view; I don’t think there’s an option to use the slider with titles only. Which is how Google Reader works, too, if I remember correctly (that is, Reader will mark as read as you scroll, but only in expanded view).

If it helps, you can hit Shift+T to hide the title list; that’s probably the closest thing to Google Reader’s expanded view.

I really hate this “mark as read while scrolling” :-x

If you’re gonna scroll, just use ‘u’ for marking read and ‘n’ to move down.

You can set mark as read to either manual or on a timer. That may help your use case.

It works pretty well now with the small red triangle. An items scrolls by the red triangle and it is automatically marked as “read”. However, this is quite time consuming. Is there any chance of the same functionality being introduced just for the titles (i.e. without the few lines underneath each title). Scrolling and marking as read like that would be so much faster…

Btw, great program, well worth the small annual fee!