Mark Hidden Items Read

I have some larger feeds with very few visible stories. It would be nice to mark all of the ones that I don’t want as read.

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Reasonable idea. Kind of a pain to implement, since it would need some UI direction. Ideally all “red” stories would just be marked as read. But why do you want them marked as read if you never see them?

Part of it might be a poor assumption on my part. I have a feed with 450 unwanted items and 15 wanted items. That feed takes 30-60 seconds to fully load. My assumption is that it would load quicker if those items were read as opposed to just hidden.

Yep, you got that right, but only if you load it in “Unread Only”. I have a couple feeds like that, too, but I think it loads pretty quick, even though i’m only trying to find 10/500 stories.

Maybe it’s a latency thing. The issue is much more pronounced at home than at work than on my iPhone.

Here’s a good example of this: I was looking at Chrome today and saw that my NewsBlur process was using around 1.8GB of memory right after it was loaded and running only the NewsBlur tab.  I tried reloading the tab with the dev tools enabled to see what was consuming everything. After it took a few minutes for the page to fully load, I realized that my Daily Tech News Show feed ( was embedding the audio of their podcast into their posts daily.  I subscribe to DTNS in a podcatcher app, so I trained NewsBlur to hide all of the posts that they tag as episodes so I never saw them, but apparently they were still loading into memory. I clicked “Show Hidden Stories” and marked all as read, and now NewsBlur is using only 79MB or memory.

Even if it’s too confusing for people to mark hidden stories as read, it would be nice if they didn’t load into memory.

Perhaps these issues are related? I have an ongoing problem with unread counts–as you can see here, the UI will tell me many stories are unread (including on my own blurblog) but then not show any stories to read. You can see that 10 stories are hidden…but this obviously doesn’t come close to what’s here in total. It happens in both shared stories and all site stories, and the counts will be different between mobile apps and the web UI. The totals will rise and rise until I go through and manually mark all as read. That’s not a big pain on all site stories, but on shared stories, it means going through each individually. I’ve gotten to used to it (longstanding issue), but in case it’s related, putting it out there. (Or in case there’s some easy answer I’m missing, which would be great!)