Mark folder as read when in focus mode impacts all items?


Not sure if this is intended or a bug, so I’ll explain…

I set the iPad app to only display the “focus” articles. I then tapped on a folder to read the focussed items in this folder.

I scrolled through the articles, read those I wanted to and then wanted to mark all the others as articles as read. I tapped on the button at the top of the view and chose “mark folder as read” hoping that it would change the status of all the focused items to read.

I was surprised to see that it changed the status of _all_ the articles in the folder. Not only those that were focussed.

Is it the correct behavior? When I select the focus view, I expect to work only on this view and not impact the articles that are not focussed…

How could I mark the focussed items in a folder as read without impacting the other articles?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:



Sorry to dig an old topic, but this problem is not solve and that’s really annoying :confused:

I just mark as read more than 300 items just because, for the X times, i forgot that in focus mode the button “Mark all as read” work for everything… Which, sorry to say that, make not any sense…

I would like that in focus mode and in the “all site stories” view, well, the mark all as read work JUST for the focus stories.

And more importantly, an “undo button” when we make a mistake, that could be very cool.

Thanks !