Mark everything as read

Mark everything as read - when using Everything there isn’t the ability to mark as read. Maybe have this function in a similar way as folder mark as read


In the lower right corner, if you click on the “gear” icon, there’s an option there to mark everything as read.

It still seems like a break in the standard flow, considering if i want to mark a folder as read i right click on the folder and click mark as read.

But when I am in “everything” mode to complete the same action i then have to go to the bottom of the page?

Just doesn’t make sense to me

Well, I didn’t say it made sense. :slight_smile: I was just pointing out that the functionality exists, in case you’d missed it. I would definitely agree that it would be nice to have it in the same place for the “Everything” pseudo-folder as for any other folder.

That’s intentional. Marking everything as read is a global kill switch. So it deserves its place. Marking a folder as read happens a lot more frequently. If you find yourself pining for this functionality, just stick everything inside a big folder. And you might even want a few feeds outside of that new “global” folder, and presto, it’s folders all over again.