Mark entry as read when middle-clicking the title to open it in a new tab

A feature that I would really like would be to automatically mark an entry as read when I middle-click on the title to open it in a new tab.

There are some feeds (webcomics in particular), where it’s better to view them on the original page. Currently, I can middle-click on all the titles one by one, and that opens them up in new tabs in the background, which is exactly what I want. But it doesn’t mark them as read, so I have to go back and do that myself, and if I haven’t chosen to open all of the entries, then I have to mark the ones I did open manually, entry by entry, which is a pain.

Or am I overlooking some existing feature? :slight_smile:


If you right-click then hit Open, it will mark the story as read. And if you double-click, it opens in Story view. But I don’t think I have cross-browser access to that middle-click behavior so I can also mark the story as read. Let me check on that. … Yep, looks like I’m already marking it as read in Safari on a Mac. Beyond that, it’s supposed to do it, so if it doesn’t, then the browser isn’t sending the appropriate event.