Mark as reader older than day or week

Google Reader had a great option of marking as read articles older than a day and a week. Right now, Newblur’s mark-read option is all or nothing. It would be great to have similar feature in newsblur. This option is especially useful when subscribing to newspapers.


or… allow to configure, by feed, how much days for mark as read. The default value is never.

You can do this already… on the All Site Stories list, if you hit Shift/A you get the Mark Stories as Read dialogue, but you will also see a grey slider button (I’ve highlighted it on the attached image) which you can use to adjust from Mark Every Story as Read all the way up to 7 Days.

I think this only works on All Stories; it would be cool to have the option on a per-feed basis, too, just as Joaozito has suggested

Hope that helps!

Andrew… this option, at manage menu, is a action to be executed by user.
I suggest an automatic action, for some more growing feeds.
I had a new idea: An optional limit of unread posts for a feed.
Then, I could be limit, for example, to 20 unread posts, the HypeScience feed, and the olders posts will be marked as read automatically…