Mark as read with mouse-click?

I would love to this (maybe with the share/save/train options) on each item to manually mark as read, in addition to the keyboard shortcut. While I’ve found a lot of discussion about keyboard shortcuts for marking as read, moving to the next item, combing those two functions, etc etc, I haven’t seen any about this.

I realize things are crazy right now with all the Google refugees (I’m one of them, playing around to learn with my free account until I can get my Google Reader count down to zero, and then I’ll upgrade here and start fresh), and I also realize that no topics might mean nobody else uses the mouse as much as I do! So, not an urgent request at all, but throwing it out there.

I’m liking a lot of the service so far, so thanks for that!


(Also, in typing this out, it seems like such an obvious thing that I won’t be surprised if someone tells me the button already exists. I will feel blind but grateful if you point it out.)

Umm… clicking on a story in the story list will mark it as read. Also moving the mouse in the story content view will also mark it as read. Is there something else you have in mind?..

Not if you change the setting to not automatically mark everything as read.

If you do that, the only way I can find to mark them as read is with the keyboard command.

Thanks, Tape, you’re right.

I guess I should have clarified in case others aren’t aware of this option under preferences: Mark story as read immediately/after X seconds/manually by hitting “u.”

I’m talking about when you select the last one, the only manual option is keyboard, not mouse.