Mark as read while scrolling the story titles

Precisely this…while scrolling the story titles it would be great if they were marked as read as Mr. Reader does for the iPad for example. For me it’s a must and I think it’s really useful…it’s the only main reason why I don’t use Newsblur as my main news reader…


I agree, it would be nice to have an option to have it on or off, With Mr. Reader I just scroll down and the app marks the news that I’m not interested automatically as read and I find it very very useful!!

I absolutely would like to have the ability to mark items as read as I scroll down (or as I hit J). If I mark as Read after a certain amount of time, sometimes it gets marked when I don’t want it to. If I make the time too long, then I have to hit ‘u’ and ‘j’ to mark it and go to the next item.

Can we get some feedback on this? Looking for a way to have a single keystroke mark an item as Read and advance to the next one.
Would prefer to continue to use ‘j’ to advance. Perhaps an option whether it should also mark as ‘read’

I’d love to build it, but it isn’t very high priority. If more people request it, then it can move up in the priority list.

This is still one of my top feature requests. Newsblur currently does not do a good job of automatically and accurately marking items as read. I have to do it manually with ‘U’, but would prefer that it be done automatically with ‘J’

If you’re using J to go through stories rather than just scrolling past them, then you can change the mark as read behaviour in the settings so that as soon as you have a story selected, it will be marked as read.

I don’t consider the story to be read until I press ‘J’ again to advance to the next story. When a story appears on the screen, that’s when I start to read it. I don’t want it marked as read until I’m done.

I’m am once again begging for this option that I first asked for 2 years ago.  Currently, there seem to be 2 ways to read:
Option 1
Set preferences to not automatically set an article as Read
Hit J
Read article
Hit U and then J again

Option 2
set preferences to automatically set an article as Read after n seconds
Hit J
read article
Hit J again

The problem with option 2 is that sometimes, I go through some articles very quickly (because I’m not interested in them) and I end up hitting J before the time out.  The other problem is that I don’t actually get a chance to read it because I’m distracted or in another window, but Newsblur has already marked it as read.
Option 1 is a pain because of the double keystroke.

I’d love for Newsblur to become more intelligent and only mark the article as read as I leave it

How do other people do it?  If there’s a better way, I’d love to hear it.

Ohh, I forgot to update this thread. This launched a while ago!

That looks like what I want, but doesn’t seem to work.  What should I set for Mark A Story as Read?

Any thoughts why I can’t get this working?  I’ve checked “Mark stores as read when scrolled past”, but I don’t see any difference in behavior

Hello?  Anyone there?

Can you post a screenshot? It might be dependent on story layout, although it should work in all layouts.

Not sure how I can show that the story that just scrolled past is still marked unread.  But I actually just did J/K several times in a row and all the stories are unread.  I scrolled forward to the Amazon Prime story and then back to the Star Wars Darth Vader Key ring which you can see is still unread

Here’s a full screenshot so you can see my whole layout

Got it, so the preference doesn’t apply to the Full layout. That setting is for story titles, not the stories themselves. Although the Full layout should be marking stories as read as you scroll past them anyway.

That was my whole problem.  It marks the story as read before I’ve actually read it.  I don’t want it to be marked as read until as press J to go to the next story.  That is the confirmation that I’m done with it.  So my workaround is to not automatically mark the story as read, but then I have to manually type U before J to advance to the next story, which is a pain.

I can kind of see what you want, but wouldn’t going to the next feed also then mark the story as read? Why not mark the story as read when you open it? What difference does it make if the story is just going to be marked as read when you advance to the next story or feed?

Because opening the story doesn’t mean I’ve read it yet.  When I go to the next story, that means I’m done with the previous one.  I might open a story but then switch windows or get distracted and not get back to it. 

I think that’s fine as long as you’re able to turn it off. I’ve often found that in readers that have this feature, articles get marked as read when I don’t want them to. I prefer to have more precise control over my reader.