mark as read/unread in android app

Hi. Can we get a way to quickly mark articles as read in the android app (on a per article basis?)

ex. could be able to toggle the read/unread status by touching the icon on the left on the article in the article overview?


You can mark an item as read by long-pressing it in the stories list. Mark as un-read is still in development.

I have tried that with latest released version from April 6. It doesn’t work. Longpressing doesn’t do anything

Long pressing a folder or a feed opens a dialog box where you can mark it as read.

Yes. I know I can mark a whole folder or feed as read, but it would be really nice to be able to do this on an individual article

I just realized the long press works only if reading articles form one channel. If you are reading content of a folder aggregating many channels, the long press menu is not available which is really pity.

Is a way to switch back to unread still not implemented? :-/

I want that feature too. Samuel recently commented on Github that the feature is coming:…