mark as read only works if scroll down changes page

If I read stories in feed view and scroll down it marks each story as ready, eventually my feed name will drop off once all stories are read. This is good!

However, if there are only 1 or 2 new items in my feed view and I don’t need to scroll as I can read both stories clearly, then no way to mark as read unless you right click and make as read. Can you not make it so that if you scroll down (even if you don’t need to) that it marks as read. Makes it a LOT quicker to get through a lot of feeds, rather than having to mark as read. Google reader used to do this just fine.


Hmm, this is an explicitly handled case. You should see a bigger gutter a the bottom of the Feed view that offers you room to scroll so that every story shown gets marked as read. Can you take a screenshot of it not working?

Doesn’t work for me either (see reply below with screenshot)

Basically I want item to be marked as read when it’s top scrolls past top of the frame, so I lock red triangle near the top. The problem is that if items fit on the screen, I can’t scroll them, so I can’t mark them as read.

(Would be nice to have explicit preference: disable red triangle, mark as read once scrolled pass top.)