Mark as read on focus mode applies to all hidden articles

Marking articles as read (shift+a) in focus mode also marks all hidden articles of that particularly feed as read.

The intuitive behavior for me would be to only mark as read the articles shown on focus mode.

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Yes, this is known behavior. This is as intended, actually. I had to consder both cases: marking read marking eveyrthing or only visible and decided to make it everything. I think more people are in the camp of marking everything as read.

I know it can be a bit opaque, but focus is merely a viewing mode, not an entire mode to use the site. The other stories are there, just temporarily hidden. So marking as read works the same way.

Hi Samuel, thanks for the reply. I considered that it might be intended, but I couldn’t to imagine a situation where I would mark hidden stories as read. But it is true that a consistent behavior for the shortcut is a good thing.

Maybe a tagline somewhere can clarify that hidden stories will also be marked as unread?

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I was confused the same way than Nelas the first time I used this feature. IIRC You can’t go back once you mark everything as read, so a warning would be appreciated.

I’m completely agree with nelas, it’s the main problem with focus mode and as of today, it show not any interest with this issue.
Why not making it an option ? Or that if we click on “mark all as read” with X key it will mark as read only items in focus mode…

I would be very happy with a solution to this problem.

Thanks !

Alternative suggestion:
make “Mark all as read” only appear when in “All” or “Unread” mode, but not in “Focus” mode.

I would prefer to have a mark all as read for the focus mode, but that’s my own dream :smiley: