Mark as read - from top of list through this post.

Mark as read - from top of list through this post.

Sometimes a feed can have too many items to look at in one sitting. I often will get part way through the list of headings and wish I had a way to tell NewsBlur to mark everything read through this point so I can pick up where I left off at another time.

This feature would be great in both the iOS and browser version.


Yup, this exists in iOS already, but only when reading by folders. I think it’s too complicated to add to the web or to individual feeds.

Samuel-I’ve tried to figure out how to do this in iOS (when reading an entire folder) but I don’t see how it’s done. Help?!?

Too complicated for the web? That’s quite disappointing, it’s the one feature that I desperately miss from Reader.

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What did the UI look like for it? Did you right-click a story and select “Mark as read above this point”? That I could do, but I have so much on my plate it’d take a while to get to. If this gets the votes (and I remember), I’d be happy to implement this.

If I recall, it was just a key shortcut, Shift-W I believe. That would look at whichever story was currently selected and mark read all stories in that feed that were older. I believe there was the inverse too, Shift-something to mark all the stories in that feed that were newer.

Right-click, shortcut, stern look; doesn’t matter how it’s activated! Curious to see how many others use it.

How? Looking at the iOS app now, and I don’t see it. I’d love this feature and would happily pony up a subscription for it (heck, I just bought a hotspot so I can use it while walking the dog).

(also, being able to do this by feed would be really nice, weird that a folder is easier than a feed)

Sam, one thing that I think could help is making the bottom pull-refresh have a bit more give. That way, when scrolling down, you know when you’ve hit the bottom of the current list of stories and can hit the ‘Mark XX stories as read’ button with assurance that you’re not missing anything.

Wouldn’t even be that hard to build… it’s on my list.

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Huzzah! The final piece of the puzzle…


Let me please add my little weight (and vote) so this feature gets implemented! Keep up with the good work!

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