Mark all read doesn't stick sometimes

Via the Web UI, sometimes when I do a mark-all-read in a feed it doesn’t seem to stick. Flow is:

* I hit shift-a on a feed
* Posts appear marked-read, and view jumps to the next feed
* A second or so later the previous feed reappears in the sidebar with all those stories unread
* If I click back to it and mark-read again it normally sticks the second time



Good news! I finally figured this one out! I just deployed the fix and it should now always work. Let me know if you notice a difference.

There was a lengthy discussion about this issue before, where I laid out exactly what was happening (it was a race condition). I’d love to find that thread again to give it closure.

I’ve just caught up on my feeds, and this didn’t happen any more. So, I think you’ve got it.