"Mark all read" button placement

Could you please put the button back next to the feed title as it was before? Most of mouse activities are on left hand side and you have to go now all the way across the screen to reach the button.


use hotkeys.

Plz, don’t move anything, new view looks and feels alo-o-ot better

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Here here - putting it in the new static (on a PC browser) position is great!
Many thanks

Using Hotkeys as suggested turns what used to be a simple sweep of the mouse into a two-handed operation. Sweeping all the way across the screen just to get to one frequently used button is annoying and just plain bad UI design. Keeping the most frequently used controls grouped together is common sense.

Honestly, it’s a pretty simple app, we’re not talking about Excel here, but we’ve got buttons at the top, buttons at the bottom, buttons on the left, buttons on the right, it’s turning into a mess.

I really liked the way it was before. I’d love it if you could add a setting for that.

I don’t think a setting is called for. I have enough configurable options on those panes, there’s little chance I would add another, esp. for something like this button. You can mark as read a number of ways:

  1. shift+a
  2. the big button at the top
  3. right-click the feed title in the story titles pane
  4. right-click the feed title in the feed list pane

I just made #2 stay in a fixed position. I’m definitely happy with my choices. Also, as of 5 months ago the mark all as read button was on the right-side. This is just moving it back.

OK, I’ll just concede now that it isn’t really that big of a button. But it’s big enough. I can widen it, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

Yeah, I agree. I’m going to XOXO this week, but if you hit this thread on Monday in the afternoon I might get to it then.

Please don’t hurry, because “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude” (which is translated as “The waiting is the most exiting part”, which doesn’t get the point right). No kidding.

I was already thinking about a solution for this in my userstyle - https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/… -, but if you are that fast Samuel I think I just wait a little :slight_smile:

I guess Monday came and went :slight_smile: Any chance of this bubbling to the top of the list again?

Yep, after a month has passed, I changed my mind: Pleasy hurry now, I had enough Vorfreude (-:

Just a nudge to see if this is still on the radar

Any update on getting the Mark All Read button added to the bottom of the feed list?

Yes, any update?

I updated News+, my favorite Android Client for Newsblur, this morning, and guess what feature I noticed at the end of each feed? I nice big “Mark all as read” button, right there, where you need it most, at the end of the list. It really does make a difference.

Please Mr. Clay, do as you promised.

Being a mouse-pusher, scrolling down the feed list finally reaching the last entry, I have to choose between:

  • moving up to the right, searching for that tiny check mark,
  • puttin down the mouse, pushing shift-a (I’m a left hander),
  • right-clicking the last entry, thinking about “hmm, mark newer or older stories read, dawn stupid me”.

I must insist, a “feedly-like” button at the end of the feed-list (instead of the NewsBlur-Icon, say) would do the job for me better.