Mark all from publisher as 'disliked'. Whitelist training.

On the intelligence training for a feed, I would like to “mark all from this publisher” as red/bad. Currently you can only mark all as yellow or green. My reasoning is that I follow a feed that is like a firehouse. They seem to pick categories at random, not using a finite set. I just keep having to dislike specific categories when what I *really* want is to whitelist a few categories.

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This is built. I use it to hide every story on Hacker News except for those that have “Ask HN”, “Show HN”, “Python” or “JavaScript” in the title. The publisher classifier is special purpose, as it can get overruled by any other classifier.

Are you not able to use the thumbs down for a publisher?

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You are right. This works. I was clicking in the middle of the button instead of on the thumbs down portion on the far right.