Mark all as read should only mark those shown in the list

Why is all as read marking those not even shown in the list as read?

I usually want to read the “important” articles first (those with green dot), so I will make it shown only green articles. When I’m done with those, I might still want to read those less important articles. So I click mark all as read hoping to mark all green articles as read, but it instead mark ALL articles read.

How should I make it work as I intended? Or how does newsblur support my workflow, namely show green only at first and then show those that are not marked green later?

Your best bet would be to use the “Mark all above this story as read”, which exists on web, iOS, and android. You can use the shift+y keyboard shortcut as well. This will do what you want, even if it means marking a whole lot of stories as read. Works the other way as well (shift+b), and if you switch order from newest first to oldest first.