"Mark all as read" keyboard shortcut not working in Everything view

The keyboard shortcut for “Mark all as read” (Shift-a) doesn’t seem to be working anymore when I’m viewing Everything unread.

It does work when I’m viewing just a folder of feeds. Also, going to the “Manage NewsBlur” button in the lower left corner and using the “Mark all as read” button there does work.

I tried seeing what Safari’s error console said when I hit shift-a, but after opening the console and trying to hit shift-a, Safari quit immediately (this actually happened twice—I thought I hit Cmd-q the first time by mistake).

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This is intentional. You have to use the Mark All Stories as Read item under the Manage button. Otherwise users would accidentally mark all their stories as read.

Maybe a threshold? I commonly have a few thousand stories unread (I don’t have time to read them), so I wouldn’t want them all to wipe out accidentally. Folders are OK, though, so I’m not sure if other people feel this way. I considered a confirmation, but that’s kind of clunky.

Hm, I see what you mean… that would suck to accidentally lose everything (is there any way to undo this? Maybe that would provide a solution?). Although, since it requires a combination of keys, it probably isn’t as likely to be hit as just “a”.

A threshold might also work… if you have more than (blank) number unread, then pop up a confirmation window? Either that or some undo option might work.

The current requirement of having to go through the Manage button is a bit annoying though, I keep hitting shift-a (since I tend to view Everything).

I would never use this since I only read by feed, but what if shift-A in Everything pulled up a “Mark stories older than ___ days dialog”?

Bingo, Karen. I’ll make it do that. And enter (as well as command/control+enter) does the work. But it will default to 1 day, not 0 days, so I’ll change that as well.

Deployed. Thanks for the great ideas!

How about adding this feature to the iOS app?

Or at least a “Are you sure you want to do this” type dialog.

Ok, you got it. I added the Mark Everything as Read option/dialog to the iOS app. It’ll be in the next release, which is coming as soon as I finish the intelligence trainer. I predict within the next week I’ll have it submitted to Apple.