Mapping my domain to Blurblog


I wonder if it is a good idea to map a domain I purchase to Blurblog? The Blurblog has a really pleasant view to share news and I could also include my comment (and others) when sharing, so it also make sense if I could map a domain to the Blurblog. Have anyone done it before?

It works well when doing a domain forwarding, for example, forwarding to However, the URL bar in a browser will change to I want it to show so I probably have to mess with DNS A and CName record.

The issue I face is when changing A record. I have to use an IP address. I am using nslookup to get the IP address to but I wonder if this IP will change over time? Any insights would be useful or even if it’s not a good idea to mask with due to copyright issues.


All very good questions. I don’t support custom domains yet because nobody’s asked for it until now. If there’s more interest I would certainly consider building it.

As for how often the IP address changes, it’s every few years. But it’s going to happen as the routing machine that handles www traffic has to be upgraded every few years and that’ll change the IP address. I usually have both the old and the new running for a couple weeks concurrently as I switch over, but it does change, so you’ll want to check that redirect every so often.

Although isn’t it possible to use a fully qualified domain name and not just an IP?


The A record needs IP.
The CName record accepts fully qualified domain name.

My current setting works on Firefox/Edge in Windows but on Safari iOS and Mac, typing brings me to main page. It does not go to the Blurblog. I think this has to do with Safari strict privacy/anti phishing control, maybe.