Many newsletter favicons are dead, cause 502 errors in web version


A large minority of my newsletter favicons don’t load and instead show a broken image. If I dig in, it appears they return a 502 error. It feels like this started in the past few weeks. Here’s an example:



FWIW, these four ‘broken image’ feeds have a generic placeholder image in the Android and ipad apps.


Thanks for reporting this! Just caught it and fixed it. Looks like Digital Ocean’s maintenance this week has caused all sorts of headaches that I’m still working on fixing.


By the way, the counter on my dashboard shows that it started 3 days ago, but I didn’t notice cause I was using iOS exclusively in that time and the favicons were all cached.


All good. It took me a while to dig into it since I can’t simply right-click and inspect with all the good UI gravy of newsblur :slight_smile: