Manual Pattern Entry for Title-based filtering


Currently it’s possible to select specific runs of words in the titles and add a like or dislike based on that run of words. It’s also possible to re-enter after saving this training and select another run of words to add a separate like or dislike about.
When I have cases where the title is “Why XXXX XXX XXXX is only the …” that I want to filter out of a feed, I would like to be able to manually add a regex filter to match this pattern. Currently I’d have to add a filter for all possible values of “XXXX XXX XXXX” since I need a unique contiguous run of characters for the filter. In this case a pattern like “^Why .* is only the” would be sufficient for performing the filtering I’m looking for.

From what I’m able to gather, pattern matches like this are already being run in the background for the Intelligence. I’d simply like to be able to add my own by manually typing it in sometimes, rather than only being able to have them auto-generated (which is incredibly handy on its own).