Make Unread and Focus two separate buttons/options

It would be useful to have available all four options when it comes to Unread/Focussed articles i.e.

Unread & Focussed
Unread & Unfocussed
Read & Focussed
Read & Unfocussed

By adding individual options for turning each of the unread and focus options on or off individually.

The main aim of this for me would be to see my unread focussed articles only, as at the moment when I go into focus mode articles I have already read are still displayed and I often want to just see those that I haven’t looked at yet, especially if I have been reading from newest to oldest.

As a slight aside, it also seems to take an inordinate amount of time to pull through older focussed articles, especially if they go some way back in time. Is this because all articles are pulled through and then filtered down to only show those that are focussed? Is there any way to filter first and then download only the focussed articles to improve the speed of retrieval?

The combination of the two above issues means that it can sometimes be very difficult to get to the unread focussed articles if they are some way back in time as all I can see is the articles I’ve already read and it takes ages to load the older ones up.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if not and I can try and explain further.