Make the sidebar collapsible, please!

It would be really awesome to be able to collapse or hide the sidebar(s) to have more space for the content.


You already can do that by double clicking on the demarcation line of the sidebar. But I see that when you click to reopen the sidebar it doesn’t remain in the open position, it slides back to closed.


awesome, thx!

You’re welcome. I forgot to tell you that if you want to get the sidebar opened back you need to refresh the Newsblur app by clicking the browser’s refresh button. Doesn’t look like it works another way.

Shift + u, toggles the sidebar

Shift + u toggles the sidebar, and shift + t toggles the story titles pane.

The Tips & Trick popover (page 4) lists “u” as the hotkey for hiding the sidebar. Might want to correct that.