Make the save story animation less flowery.

My current NewsBlur workflow is to open the iOS app, plow through all my stories, save the ones I want to get back to, and then read those saved stories at a later date. Right now, the save story animation takes what feels like ages to load, and it also takes up most—if not all—of the screen. Can you make something a little more elegant or just remove the animation altogether?


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I’m confused, what’s the animation? Can you post a screenshot? I believe saving stories is quick, you can either swipe the story title in the story titles view or hit one of two save buttons in the story detail view: in the menu and at the bottom of the story.

I always scroll to the bottom and hit the save button.

And then this giant prompt comes up.

Sometimes it’ll come up instantly.

Sometimes it’ll take a while to come up.

Either way, it takes up the entire screen.

That’s what I was asking about turning off or at least making it a little bit less “flowery”.