Make NewsBlur default feed reader?

Any workarounds/hacks for setting up NewsBlur as the default feed reader when an RSS link is clicked?

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What browser are you using?
UIn Chrome it’s quite easy using the google RSS-plugin:…

For FireFox and IE i don’t know a solution.

I have Chrome. Thank you.

Need assistance with Firefox - I used the gear option but it comes up and says i’ve already added it, however I don’t know where to find it in firefox - where should I be looking or how do I add it to the menu or toolbar. Thanks

It gets added to the standard RSS UI in Firefox.

Go to a site you want to subscribe to and find their RSS either by an icon or link on the site or by going the the bookmarks menu in Firefox (can be found in the Firefox menu in top left and usually has it’s own icon to the right of the search box) and clicking “Subscribe to This Page…”

You’’ get to a page where see some of the recent posts. At the top there is a dropdown menu where you can choose what method to subscribe with, the default is live bookmarks. Change it to Newsblur and click Subscribe Now.

In the lower left corner of the NewsBlur web ui is a gear icon … click on “Goodies and Mobile Apps”, and there are browser-specific items listed to do just as you want, and more.