Make it clear to 3rd party app developers that intelligence filters aren't optional?

Maybe I’m not the typical user, but I find it frustrating that many (most?) 3rd party apps that support Newsblur don’t give any consideration to the fact that Newsblur has intelligence. I read everything with neutral or positive intelligence and never look at things with negative intelligence. But all the 3rd party apps I’ve tried completely ignore the existence of intelligence and just show everything.

In the past, I’ve likened this to using an email client that shows everything in your spam folder as if it was in the inbox (i.e. completely unacceptable).

If you agree that this is a problem, do you think there’s a way to encourage 3rd party developers to offer an intelligence filter? Or, maybe an option in the Newsblur web interface to set minimum intelligence for any 3rd party apps so they don’t have to bother?

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So there are three third-party apps for iOS and Mac: ReadKit, Unread, and Reeder. Only Reeder ignores the intelligence. We just couldn’t get it in for launch. But it’s hopefully coming up soon, provided enough folks tweet at @reederapp.

OK, so I actually have all three of those, but you’re right that I brought this up because I just tried Reeder and was disappointed to find that intelligence wasn’t supported. I will send them an email.

I didn’t even know that Readkit had Newsblur support (I was using it for Instapaper/Pinboard). So thanks for bringing that to my attention. But I couldn’t find anything related to intelligence in ReadKit just now and I know I have the latest version.

I had previously put in a feature request for intelligence filtering in Unread and the author said he’d consider it. I didn’t hear anything else and still can’t find anything in there, so maybe it’s coming soon? Or maybe it’s a 3-finger gesture?

Anyway, I know this isn’t the right place to get help finding intelligence features in Readkit and Unread, but it helps to know that they do.

ReadKit supports hiding but not the Focus filter. Unread looks like it isn’t being developed any further:…. And Reeder just needs you to email him to ask for training. Really, it just needs read-only training (hiding negative stories and showing positive stories in Focus mode). It doesn’t need to be able to train stories.