Make Intelligence Trainer Freeform

As others have noted, blogs are not very good at metadata, and as far as I can tell the Intlligence Trainer relies on this junky data so the options are either minimal or outdated.

Instead, why not let us use our own keyword or phrase. In Focus, we would only see posts that contain that keyword or phrase. Even better, allow a string of these separated by a Boolean OR. Exclusions too of course by placing a “-“ in front of the search term.

This is different from saved searches because it’s not a separate feed.

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Hey Neil, I like the idea but the issue is that NewsBlur does not apply the intelligence training to the full text of the feed, only to the title, author, tags, or publisher. In order to make this work, training would have to be extended, and that’s a ton of work to make happen.

Inoreader has a training option that is great,it is a bit similar to newsblur but it allows us to open a screen to write the words that we want to hide in the articles title.

[Neil2] When you open the training you will see all the words in article title but you can erase everything and write the word you want to write and save it,try it and you will see that it will work.