Make email a toggleable sharing service like the rest of them

This is a very minor / low priority UI suggestion.

I never share stories via email, so it would be nice to be able to just disable that sharing service the same way you can disable Twitter, Facebook, Readability, etc. It would be nice to just have a big fat button for the one service I actually do use, rather than a small one off to the side of the one I don’t use.

It’s definitely not a huge deal, but email just strikes me as something that should be treated the same way as the rest of the sharing services.


Yes please!!! It would also be nice to have access to my gmail contacts list like in feedly.

Definitely a possibility. Obviously time is an issue. I just figured email is the universal social network, one that everybody is guaranteed to have. (It used to be Instapaper there, so I think moving it to email was a good idea.) There’s quite a bit of logic necessary to be able to change that out. One day.